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Friday, January 27, 2012 | 3:04 AM | 0 Awesome People

Yesterday i dream again about arwah. I guess i dream in my dream he came and spoke that he was not dead yet. My mother was also convinced the same thing. Posted in dreams he came near me and smiling. His face glowing and clean like seriously. I do not know that i cry when i dream about it. I woke from sleep and charity a al fatihah to him. In my heart i whispered repeatedly that arwah is no longer in this world. He's dead. But i am very strange why the deceased should say that he is not dead yet? While he was at a safe in the grave. Ya allah hopefully calm spirits up there :')

Was very difficult for us to allow the departure of a person. Although so far we are very difficult to treat his whims. Hazim, im really missing youu :'(  Al fatihah. 

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